The Cardiff Direct Story

At Cardiff Direct, we passionately believe that everyday is a great day to golf. Our company focuses on making the gear to ensure you are prepared for those days. Cardiff Direct, named after one of the rainiest cities in the world, is perfecting golf wear to withstand even the wettest of climates. We personally select our materials to make sure they cater to every need so you are comfortable and dry throughout your game.

Cardiff Direct was created by two avid golfers on opposite coasts of the United States (the Monterey and Atlanta), who were determined to not let the weather ruin their golf days. Before, both found that their previous gear either had no flexibility when playing, or that cheaper waterproof materials did not hold up for their respective climates. Together, these two golf enthusiasts have done the research to create the best waterproof gear for the best possible price. So let the fun continue, rain or shine.

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